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🧬 Quote

"Train your mind and body, and the physique will follow."

— Eugen Sandow

📦 Product Description

Inspired by the father of Bodybuilding, sandow is a dynamic website template for your AI fitness & nutrition projects. 🏋️

Designed with energy & persistence, it empowers your users to navigate their fitness journey with confidence! 💪

Product Highlights

  • 17 Extensive Pages, 2x Bonus Dashboard ✔
  • 80+ Unique Sections ✔
  • Mobile-First & Responsive ✔
  • sandow Design System ✔
  • sandow Icon Set ✔
  • Clean Layer & Naming ✔
  • Lifetime Update & Support ✔
  • Holistic Design Principle ✔
  • Font Included (Work Sans by Wei Huang, Google Font License)✔

💾 File Formats

Sandow web template is available exclusively in Figma format for optimal performance, smooth collaboration & ease of updates. 🏃🥈

📝 Changelogs

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates! 👁🙌

We constantly refine the sandow web template based on current fitness & health trends. 👍

  • v1.0: Initial sandow website v1.0 public release
  • v1.1: Major Design System update: better variants & naming (inspired by ant, material design, untitled, carbon, etc). 3x additional page. 40+ UI Icons. Typography tweak. Optimized filesize.

📜 Licensing & Usage Rights

✔ Do:

  • Use the web template for personal and commercial projects.
  • Customize and adapt the template to create unique web designs.
  • Incorporate the template into websites and web design projects.

❌ Don't:

  • Resell or distribute the web template as a standalone resource.
  • Use the web template for illegal, harmful, or offensive purposes.
  • Claim ownership of the sandow web template.

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Let's share your experience on how it improves your AI fitness & nutrition projects! 🍻🤛

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🏋️‍♀️ SH sandow Website [v1.1]

File Format
Icon Set
✅ sandow Icon
Design System
✅ sandow Design System
Holistic Design Principle
✅ Yes
Clean Layer & Naming
✅ Yes
Font Included
✅ Yes (Work Sans by Wei Huang)
Lifetime Support & Update
✅ Yes
Total Pages
17, +2 Bonus Dashboard
Unique Sections
Auto Layout
✅ Yes
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sandow: AI Fitness & Nutrition Website

0 ratings
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